Our Story


Started as a post-grad student with the degrees of Math and Computer Science. Following the herd, I gradually paved my way into the corporate sector and settled as if nothing was left to be explored. My life completely took a turn when I got the opportunity to take a break, and it took me a while to realize what is going around in the world. My employee mentality had restricted my mind in such a manner where the world was only to be looked at through a keyhole. This break from work proved to be a blessing when I decided to become an employer rather than an employee.

At the age of 40, I sat along with peers half my age and learned the beautiful skill of "Digital Marketing." After a year-long tough grind, I successfully built my first company. With prior experience as an employee, I knew how to be a better employer. My ambition for doing something for humanity led my target team to be under-privileged adult students. My team(backbone) earn decent and get a lot of opportunities to gain skills each day, hence not only securing their future but aiding their parents' as well.

During the second lockdown phase, tried hands in my childhood hobby, the art of "Crochet". The final products were well appreciated among social circles. Created many designs catering to various categories like home & decor, jewelry, clothing, etc that led to the birth of Shiroli, a brand that focuses on the revival of the art of "Crochet" as well other handcrafted products. 

My mother, a 71-year-old lady, works with me. She is the inspiration behind "Shiroli." Shiroli gives her the thrills that she missed out on in her prime. It makes her feel a rollercoaster of emotions; it makes her feel young.

We are also enabling helpless women/men skilled in this art to be a part of Shiroli, to be employed, to be independent, to be financially stable, and most importantly, it has given them a chance to know how it feels like to stand on owns' feet.

The experiences that I get to live at Shiroli are Divine.