Our Mission & Philosophy

SHIROLI stands with the purpose of solidifying the existence of art, empowering women and breaking age stereotypes. We offer exceptionally handcrafted-sustainable products - depicting the art of crochet.

When a 71 year old women decides to swing her wrinkled hands and weave a gorgeous piece of art, It is much more than just home decor, its a blessing to the environment, its bliss and most importantly its a hammer that shatters the glass named " age stereotypes ".

When a community of unemployed yet beautifully skilled women enjoy the daily gossip with tea as they create something divine through just some pieces of fabric , its not just a pretty peice of cloth , Its strength and power, its the empowerment of women.

When a form of art that nature itself grows through is being revived from its edge of existence , its not just wonderous , its miraculous , Its SHIROLI.